Alexis and Hunter Engagement

June 3, 2021

Elizabeth Baldwin Park Engagement Session

Alexis + Hunter

I am so happy that I crossed paths with Alexis and Hunter while running my engagement contest! From the moment we first met, I knew they would be an absolute blast to spend time with! These two lovebirds first met in Austin, TX a couple years back, and it has been a surreal adventure ever since! Since their engagement, they’ve started a new and exciting chapter in their lives moving to Santa Monica, CA where alongside their precious puppy, Poppy :), they continue to build a beautiful foundation for their relationship. Trust me when I say this: the world is better for them being together!

I’m forever grateful to you guys for making this engagement session feel like I was simply spending quality time with old friends; having all the laughs and a little wine with you afterward at one of my all-time favorite wine bars was such a treat too! Alexis and Hunter have such great individual energies, which are multiplied times A MILLION when together!

Thank you both so much for reminding me why I love to do what I do and for letting me chronicle such a beautiful love story! Cheers to you and to your future together as husband and wife!

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