Buffalo Bayou Engagement Session in Houston

September 23, 2020
Buffalo Bayou Engagement

Gracie & Troy

Troy and Gracie have been together for over a year and engaged for only a few months, and it’s the real deal! They are so in love and excited to be with each other, and their mutual love and support for each other is incredible. Which is why it’s no surprise that Troy planned the most romantic proposal for Gracie, he organized for her to be picked up by a limo to go on a treasure hunt, bringing her family along the way to witness the proposal unfold.

Spending time with Gracie and Troy was an absolute blast, despite a sudden downpour that kept us in our cars for at least 45 minutes and the sweltering heat and humidity that ensued! We still made the most of the remaining sunlight and had so much fun throughout our session, and that’s truly thanks to how incredibly kind Gracie and Troy are, time with them flew by! I seriously can’t go on enough about what an amazing couple they are. It’s clear that they are kindred spirits that have found a home in one another. The love they have for each other is clear to anyone who witnesses their relationship.

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