Buffalo Bayou Houston Engagement Session

October 18, 2020
Engagement Session at Buffalo Bayou Park

Cici and Jonny

Cici and Jonny met in college and have now been together for 8 years! It’s easy to see why they gravitated towards each other, as soon as you meet them! Jonny crafted an incredibly thoughtful and romantic proposal for Cici in Houston—So it was only natural for them to have their engagement session with a bit of the Houston skyline in the background!

Spending this evening with Cici and Jonny was so much fun!  We had an absolute blast, despite the humidity! We spent most of the time talking, laughing, and walking around, and had so much fun throughout our time together. That is, in big part, thanks to how fun and awesome Cici and Jonny are—time with them flew by! Also, I truly can’t go on enough about what an amazing couple they make. It’s clear that they are kindred spirits that have found a home in one another. The love they have for each other is so genuine, playful, and deep.

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