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Holly & Jonathan | Engagement Session at Buffalo Bayou Sabine St

How Holly and Jonathan met is straight out of a movie! Molly had gotten out of a really terrible and long relationship. Her mother, being a mother, decided it was now her task to find Molly a new boyfriend. She took this task (one she gave herself, I feel obligated to mention) way too seriously. When Holly found out she was doing this, she was neck deep in studying for my first round of Vet school finals at the time. So she says there wasn't much energy left to invest into stopping her. After receiving countless random, unsolicited texts, she finally caved, and decided to give this guy a chance. The guy, being Jonathan. Holly says his text was the nicest I had received and the only reason she accepted was she felt bad for the dude and also to just gave into her mom and go on a date. Jonathan's text said "hey, super weird, your mom gave me your number at work. I know you must be feeling awkward too and she said you are in finals week, so if you just wanna take a break for 20 mins, I can buy you a huge cup of coffee and we can just call it a day". Easy enough right? Long story short they met up at a local coffee shop in town and ended up spending the next 4.5 hours. The rest is history!
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