Downtown Round Rock Engagement

May 28, 2021

Downtown Round Rock Engagement Session

Jamie + Jesse

I am so happy that I crossed paths with Jamie and Jesse while running my contest. From the moment we first met online, I knew they would be incredible to hang out with and an absolute blast to spend time with! Jamie and Jesse first met in high school when they were only 15! They lost touch but reconnected again in college four years later, and it took them another four years to start dating. Slowly but surely, these two best friends have built a beautiful foundation for their relationship, and the world is better for it!

I am so grateful to you guys for making this engagement session feel like I was simply spending quality time with old friends. Having beers with you afterward at your favorite pub was such a treat! Jamie and Jesse have such great energy together, and I'm so grateful to them for choosing to work with me and for the opportunity to spend even more time with them during their upcoming wedding!

Thank you both so much for reminding me why I love to do what I do and for letting me chronicle such a beautiful love story! Cheers to you and to your future together as husband and wife!

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