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Kayte & Tyler ~ El Jardin Seabrook Engagement Session

El Jardin in Seabrook is a beautiful hidden gem not too far from Houston, and it's perfect for engagement sessions for couples who want to have laid back photos strolling along the shore, and for others, some fun splashing each other. When Kayte reached out to me to do their engagement photos, she was particularly interested in having photos that weren't cheesy, that brought out their amazing personalities and that they feel confident in looking back.

After our consultation, I took notes of both their likes and dislikes and got a good sense of who they are. A hilarious, laid back, classy couple. After hearing about Kayte's wedding and personal inspirations and Tylers hysterical sense of humor, I knew exactly where we should to their engagement session. The first time I visited El Jardin was a couple years ago after researching locations for an editorial photoshoot for a well-known actor. Not many people know about this special beach in Seabrook. I am forever grateful to these two absolute BABES for trusting me with my vision and suggested location, and mostly for having such a blast hanging together during their engagement session! These photos are among some of my favorites, and I owe it all to their incredible energy and trust. Surely, their wedding will be nothing short of magical!

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