Engagement at Buffalo Bayou Park

December 18, 2020
Engagement at Buffalo Bayou Park

Alli & Bryce

Houston Engagement Session

I love it when I find couples that are so in love, so comfortable with each other, and so kind—that spending time with them feels like hanging out with old friends. I felt precisely that during this incredibly fun engagement session with Alli and Bryce.

While both of these lovely humans were finishing their college degrees, fate made its move and brought them together. I love this story: One night, Alli took an Uber with some friends out to dinner and was driven by none other than this handsome blond hunk named Bryce. Feeling compelled to get to know this man, and after hearing this was his last ride of the night, Alli convinced him to join them for the fun they had in store. He dropped off his car at home, gathered some courage, and made his way back to her. Hitting it off strong from the get-go, the rest was soon history.

Some two and half years later, just about the most romantic beach setting proposal one could think of, two adorable dogs, and a recently bought first house being made into a home, Bryce and Alli glow with the excitement and gratitude they have for that chance encounter and their future together.

I truly cherished the time I’ve spent with them, and I suppose they rubbed off on me quite a bit, as I found myself smiling while I edited their photos. I can’t help but feel so very thankful for my small glimpse into the fraction of what I’m certain will be a rewarding and beautiful life together!


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