When it comes to wedding planning, finding the right photographer for your big day is high on the list, at least it should be! But where to start? Well, the first part is easy; finding a photographer whose work you like is the first step. I'd suggest making sure you approve of their pictures as a whole and not just a few of their photos; because otherwise, you might not know what to expect after working with them. A good photographer is cohesive throughout their portfolio and has a defined style. Make sure you can see yourself in these photos, and not just a few of them. Finding the right photographer shouldn't be a headache, but there are a few ways I can help you figure that out!

Fashion was where I started my career and found my passion, and to view that portfolio, you can click here. There, you'll find some more dramatic photos, both commercial and editorial. Note that my style is cohesive, with sharpness, clarity, and tones. I am a firm believer in fine-art film photography, as opposed to trend photography that may not stand the test of time.

If I were to tell you that chemistry is extremely important, would you believe me? Finding the right photographer has a lot to do with that connection you feel with them. Do they make you feel comfortable, or are they not in-tune with your personality? Charisma, assertiveness and problem-solving are key characteristics in a professional photographer.

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