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Keeping this Galveston proposal details short might prove difficult, so bare with me! It is always thrilling to capture a proposal! Everything about proposals is exciting; the high stakes, the nerves, excitement. Most importantly, the magical moment where a couple in love turns into a couple planning the rest of their lives together. I loved helping Spencer plan this proposal, from finding the ideal Airbnb as a birthday vacation decoy to scouting out the perfect location in Galveston for this proposal.

I asked Bay if I could take a few pictures of her and Spencer for fun. Being a professional model, Bay didn't think anything of it and agreed giddily. Spencer and I planned the timeline down to the minute to ensure Bay's family could make it on time. Everything worked out seamlessly, from the fake photoshoot, to the timing, to the location! While taking pictures, their parents arrived with their dog Sassy, who ran down towards them. Before Bay had time to register what was going on, Spencer was on one knee with a ring in hand, and as you can see, everything was just fucking beautiful. I am so beyond words, still crying about it, and so excited to celebrate their upcoming wedding on a beach in Mexico in October of 2022!

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