Houston Skyline Engagement Session

November 3, 2020
Houston Skyline Engagement Session

Maddie & Josh

Maddie and Josh are a true example of what can be attained through a loving and devoted partner. 

Though they have now been together for over a year and a half, their journey started with a remarkable test of commitment and support and handled with the kind of care that will melt your heart. 

Soon after these two beautiful humans began dating, Madison suffered a traumatic injury to her head. Throughout it all, Josh was there for her; never leaving her side, and they have since navigated their way back to her recovery together—falling deeper in love, and recently getting engaged on a picturesque beach in Cabo. 

The love and devotion that binds their connection is the stuff of anyone’s dreams! And I consider myself lucky to have been able to observe, capture, and witness a very special bond that exudes so clearly when being around them. These two are a real inspiration!

Maddie and Josh originally met in Downtown Houston, so it seemed perfectly fitting to have a Houston Skyline Engagement Session.

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