Midtown Houston Engagement Session

November 14, 2020
Midtown Houston Engagement Session

Andi & Matt

Talk about a riot! Andi and Matt were a blast to work with, and hearing about their journey together was equally as rewarding! The two met down in Tallahassee at a restaurant called Cypress where Matt was a sous chef and Andi applied for a job as she finished her master’s degree.

At a company Christmas party, Matt witnessed Andi living her best life, and instantly knew she was the one. The two were inseparable after this. On New Year’s day, Matt took a bus to Atlanta to attend a concert with her, right there on the dance floor she agreed to be his girlfriend! As life would have it, upon coming back home Matt found that a water pipe had busted in in his house and flooded it. So with a burst pipe and a whole lotta love, the two decided to move in together!

After some time, they decided to move here to Houston, where they would both take their professions to another level in a bigger city. Four years later, these two truly exemplify what a couple in sync truly is. I had so much fun spending the evening with them, drinking some wine, and getting to know their story. Andi and Matt, you guys are amazing! Here’s to you guys!

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