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Melissa & Brett ~ Destination Outdoor Wedding in Moab, Utah

When this Houston destination photographer had the opportunity to take on a Moab destination wedding, I jumped with joy! Melissa and Brett had their original consultation with me, and we ended up spending over an hour on zoom together laughing, so I just knew it was going to be magical to be their designated third wheel. I traveled to Austin 6 months before their wedding to do a adventure engagement session with them, and it was hard to part ways with them when we were done. They're so amazing to be around! During the next six months, we planned every little detail, from locations to timing, to taking into consideration it would be 38ยบ in the fall when the sun went down, YIKES! To say this wedding was an absolute dream would be putting in mildly. Moab views are as good as it gets, and any opportunity to travel for a destination wedding is always incredible, I get to bond so much with my couples through planning, engagement session, and catching up, that when it comes time for the wedding, we just have an absolute blast together. Mel and Brett really wanted the focus of their wedding photography to be on the scenery with them as couple, candids of their friends and just capturing the overall flow of the wedding as it progressed seamlessly. Thanks to a carefully detailed time line I helped them create, we were never running behind or rushed, it was just MAGICAL.
Moab Destination Wedding Dress
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