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Cori & Tye | Engagement Session at at Oak Park

Cori and Tye are one of those rare successful digital love stories we all hope to believe in for the sake of humanity! It takes meeting them for a couple minutes to realize the incredible chemistry between these two, it is the real deal! It only took their first inseparable weekend together for them to realize they would become a couple, and ultimately get engaged two years later. Tye get major points for convincing Cori they should take some photos before heading into a venue to watch one of Tye's favorite bands. Little did she know, this was his excuse to have the proposal photographed! Fate would have it that they discover that Cori's parents got married in Hawaii the day Tye was born. I mean, how magical is that? Going with that theme, they have decided on a resort wedding but in Dominican Republic! It will surely be an absolute dream wedding if it's anything like the magic between them.
I am so glad I got to spend time with these wonderful humans, it truly felt like I'd known them my whole life! Thank you guys for making me love what I do :)
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