Planning your wedding timeline ahead of the big day is key in having everything run smoothly and stress-free. As a photographer, assisting clients with planning their wedding timeline is oftentimes part of the job, because it makes our job a lot easier. Photographers, unlike other vendors, will be there throughout the day, and we are under constant pressure to capture certain crucial moments. The day running smoothly is as important to us as it should be for our clients because it affects us both. After all, this is your wedding day, and the last thing it should be is stressful! I've decided to write this wedding timeline guide to help you plan ahead of time.

Other great resources to check out are as well as for more advice on wedding timelines.

If you need help figuring out what planning your wedding timeline should look like then you came to the right place! Over a decade of experience shooting weddings has given me a general idea of how long certain events take and how to properly plan ahead to save yourself the stress!

The timeline below highlights key moments that unfold throughout a wedding. This sample timeline will help you allocate time in order to ensure no moments are missed!

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