Preparing for Your Engagement Session

Everything You Need To Know



First of all, congratulations! Getting engaged is incredibly exciting! Planning an engagement session can be overwhelming if you don't know what to expect. Let's start by saying that this is an excellent opportunity to have professional photographs taken prior to the wedding! You'll also have photos of you that reflect who you are as a couple outside of chronicling your wedding day. These photos will become a commemoration of your relationship that you and your family will be able to look back at and cherish for years to come.


Location, location, location.

When it comes to determining a location, consider who you are as a couple and what you want these photos to reflect. Think also about the different uses you’ll have for these photos: from social media to wall art you can display in your home.

Consider your style as well as your hobbies. Some couples prefer a journalistic approach, others may prefer nature or beautiful landscapes that make for beautiful prints. Outdoor locations call for the best natural light which will be at dusk or dawn.


What To Wear

What you wear in these pictures matters, and will matter five years, ten years, 30 years from now. Everyone has a personal style, and I encourage my couples to first and foremost be themselves. However, an important piece of advice is to lean closer to classic styles, rather than trends.

You'll want to make sure your outfits are in harmony with each other; to seem as if you are both coordinating for the same occasion. One shouldn't be formal while the other is casual and vice-versa. Think about a neutral color palette, with solid colors, but don't match. Keep into consideration your session's location as well as personal aesthetics.


Hair/Makeup + Grooming

If you’re lucky to be working with a Photoshop savvy photographer, this isn’t a huge concern *ahem*. If you’re not confident doing your hair and makeup, this might be an excuse to invest in letting someone else take care of that for you. This can create a full/fun experience out of the day.

Manicures are a good idea, as your hands will likely be prevalent in specific poses to show off your ring. Men with beards don’t necessarily need to shave, but I suggest some personal grooming or a visit to a barbershop to clean up facial hair, and maybe even getting a haircut.


What To Bring?

First of all, I suggest bringing a tote/light bag to cary all your belongings (phones, keys, wallets, etc..) which the photographer can carry for you. I also suggest bringing some essentials for touch-ups, makeup, wipes, powder, lipstick, hairbrush, etc. If you have chosen a location that requires hiking or walking over a distance, consider comfortable shoes to walk in.

Don't bring a friend, bridesmaid, etc... this session is about you two; having a third person there can make you self-aware or even make one of you feel uncomfortable.



More crucial pieces of advice to take away from this article:

  • Talk to your photographer and tell them your story.
  • Make sure you like their vibe, and feel comfortable with them.
  • A good photographer is friendly, will make you feel comfortable in front of a camera, give you direction, and help you throughout the process. Talk to your partner about the session as well. Make sure you’re both approaching it with the same level of enthusiasm. No matter what location you choose, treat this as you would a fun date. Make a day out of it; make plans to celebrate afterward, have fun!

    I hope you found this guide useful when it comes to preparing for your engagement session. After all, it should be a fun, stress-free day!

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