What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Make It Timeless


Most Importantly: Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Like Yourself

Wear something that reflects your personal style, makes you feel confident, but doesn't overpower the focus of the images.

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session


As a rule, tight-fitting clothes should be reserved for pants, suits, and shirts. If you've decided to wear a dress, make sure you can move in it. Scratch off wearing logos of any kind. Patterns are a no-go unless they're large and on rare occasions, but sticking to solid fabrics and neutral colors is a safe bet. Bright colors are not recommended but consult with your photographer to see if it works. They should be helping you plan out your outfit, if you're working with me then you know I am!

What you wear matters, but it shouldn't be the main focus. This doesn't mean that you can't be stylish and creative with your outfits. But you should feel confident and comfortable. Consider the location of your session as well as the weather. You'll want to wear an outfit that: 1. You feel like yourself in. 2. Is flattering. 3. Works with the location of your session. 4. You can coordinate with your partner to remain cohesive. No idea what to wear? Know your body type and what you feel comfortable in.

Flattering Clothes

What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Keep it classic, say no to trends

A few more tips:

Change in the car if that means you won't sweat in your clothes or wrinkle them on the way to the session. Bring a change of clothes/shoes. Kick off your shoes if you're at the beach, regardless of how dressed-up you are. It looks cool, trust me. BE YOURSELVES: The more confident you are in what you are wearing, the more comfortable you will look in your photos :)

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