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Importance of an engagement session

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Some couples might ask themselves why they should take engagement photos. They may find themselves overwhelmed with planning a wedding and overlook these. They might even opt not to have their engagement photos taken because they figure they will have wedding photos and that should suffice.

If you're undecided about engagement photos, this article should help you figure out if it's important for you!

PS. I have yet to meet the couple that regrets having their engagement photos taken.

These are the three main reasons why you should:


This is a great opportunity to get comfortable having your photos taken by a professional prior to your big day! If you don’t have any experience having your photos taken professionally as a couple, you might not want to wait until your wedding.

An engagement session with a knowledgeable photographer is a great way to practice poses and boost your confidence. It will also give you a more realistic idea of what your wedding photos will look like. Having the know-how in front of the lens will ease your anxieties, and result in better wedding photos!

Remarkable wedding photos are incredibly important because they will become the only tangible keepsakes that outlast that beautiful day in your lives, and they have the ability to take you back to it. However, engagement sessions have their own value, and here’s why:

Engagement photos aren’t about anything else but you. Unlike a wedding day, which has a story-telling nature that chronicles an event, the main focus of your engagement photos is who you are as a couple. You don’t have to worry about timelines, planners, and taking photos with family and friends. You aren’t restricted by a venue’s landscape or wedding attire, you can get more creative with your wardrobe and with the location.


Feeling comfortable with your wedding photographer is a huge plus. Unlike the vendors at your wedding, your photographer will be in communication with you before and after your wedding, not to mention by your side throughout the entire day. Spending time with your them before your wedding will give you peace of mind. They won't be strangers to you, you'll get to know them and laugh with them, they will learn what is most important to you and who you are. You'll be able to see the final results of your engagement photos before your wedding, which will give you realistic expectations for your wedding photos.

This connection will help you relax, live in the moment, and enjoy your day!


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